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7 Celebrities Who Have Cheated Death

There are celebrities who clearly made a deal with the devil to become famous. But these celebs may have cheated death thanks to divine intervention.

By Zack Zeigler

Gary Busey | Motorcycle Accident
You probably thought it was a raging coke habit that makes Gary Busey act like a madman! Well, you’re only half right. In 1988, the then 44-year-old, Oscar-nominated actor was doing 40 miles per hour on his bike when the 625-pound Harley skidded out of control. Busey was thrown from the hog and slammed into a curb … head first. He wasn’t wearing a helmet, and the impact left hole the size of a half-dollar in his skull. After two hours of neurosurgery and a month-long coma, he regained consciousness. But Busey wasn’t the same; the wreck had left him with brain damage that caused him to speak and act impulsively.

Chevy Chase | Electrocution
In 1980, during the filming of the film Modern Problems, Chase was playing an air traffic controller who developed telekinetic powers after being exposed to radioactive soap suds. (Oddly, the film flopped.) One hilarious scene called for him to wrap himself in lights and pretend he was an airplane. However, the lights short-circuited and sent a current through his arm, neck, and back, which caused him to lose consciousness. The incident, paired with the break-up of his marriage, sunk Chase into a two-year depression. Thankfully, he came out of it and we got National Lampoon’s VacationChristmas Vacation, Community, and …  The Chevy Chase Show.