7 Traits That Make You a Bad Boss

You’re not the boss of us! So we have no problem telling you the not-so-obvious things that make you a lousy person to work for.

By Kim Thomson

If you insist everything’s fine the same day you laid off a quarter of the staff, you’ll lose all credibility. No need to cause a panic by crying doomsday when the sky starts falling, but you also don’t have to spit in your employees’ faces and say it’s raining, either. They might be your subordinates at work, but they’re still people. Even when it’s tough to do, be honest with them and they’ll respect you for it.

Nothing wrong with being social or displaying your personality in front of your employees, but when you’re too entrenched in pointless or harmful gossip you risk blurring the line between boss and friend. “Some bosses overdo it because they want you to like them,” Deblauwe says. Whether the group likes you or not, the goal is to earn their respect. If that’s missing, you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands.

A study of more than 1,200 full-time employees worldwide conducted by Development Dimensions International (DDI) found that nearly 54 percent of supervisors involve employees in making decisions that affect their work; that means the other 46 percent aren’t. Additionally, more than 55 percent polled said they thought of leaving their job because of their boss, and one in four said their boss damaged their self-esteem. Collecting information doesn’t mean you have to use all of it or even explain yourself after the choice has been made, but understanding the issue from all angels can help you make a better informed decision while keeping giving your employees a voice.

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