You Probably Shouldn’t Waste Your Cash On These Sex Toys

If you’re looking to increase your sexual pleasure and are turning to toys, sprays, rings, and wands to do so, use these reviews as words of caution…

ky duration funny

K-Y Duration Male Genital Desensitizer Spray ($20)

– I wouldn’t recommend it. Unless you want a numb mouth and throat

– This stuff LITERALLY TOOK MY NAIL POLISH OFF. I should have listened to my boyfriend when he said it kind of hurt to use. NOT SAFE for skin.

– Awesome product. I used it as directed. Lasted extra 3 seconds. What can I say every second counts.

erection enhncer

Master Series Annex Erection Enhancer T-style Divider ($13)

– Enjoy this item, had to remove the ball divider loop to be able to get my massive balls in. Found that a little lube made my sack settle in better, tight fit but oh so fun!