8 Stylish Men’s Casual Shoes For Under $75

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great casual shoes for under $75 timberland earthset flat#4. Timberland Earthkeepers ‘Hookset’ Flat ($39 @ Amazon.com)
The classic boat shoe gets an update from Timberland. This model comes with organic cotton laces and washed cotton upper, as well as breathability that’s ideal for warm-weather wearing. They’re toned down enough to look laid back when you’re out and about, but have just enough touch of style to push them into business-casual territory.

7 Cool Pairs Of Casual Shoes For Under $75 calvin klein

#5. Calvin Klein Flann Oxfords ($68 and up @ Amazon.com)
If you like keeping things simple and sticking to a classic look these lace-up oxfords from Calvin Klein hit the nail on the head. The minimal aesthetic looks more stylish than they really are. We’d keep these reserved for work and dressy weekend outings.