18 Facts About The Goonies You, Sloth, and One-Eyed Willy Never Knew

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The 1985 Steven Speilberg film The Goonies remains a favorite of ours — and if you’re reading this, of yours. Sure, Chunk’s outfit is a disgrace, but his Truffle Shuffle skills, on the other hand, remain top notch. And would wrapping an workout freak like Brand up with some flimsy exercise cables really keep him attached to a recliner? Probably not. Still, we took a lot of cues from The Goonies. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t follow the movie’s storyline. For one, when we routed through our parents’ things we found porn instead of a treasure map. And when tried to pull a switcharoo on our girlfriends in high school in the same manner Mikey did with Andy, that was shot down immediately.

We hold no grudge. In fact, we’re still fascinated by the movie and loved learning these Easter eggs and movie facts. How many escaped you — even after your 356th viewing of the film?


1) Sean Astin, who played Mikey Walsh, was allowed to keep One-Eyed Willie’s treasure map from the movie. But years later, his mother cleaned out his bedroom and threw away the map without realizing its value. That’s what you get for letting mom clean out your room, fellas. Still, we hear he snagged a map of Middle Earth after Lord of the Rings wrapped. Or maybe we made that up?

2) Randell Widner was the stunt double for John Matuszak, aka Sloth. Yep, Sloth had a stunt double but not because Matuszak was in need of a profession to teach him how to play a grown man chained in a basement; instead, Widner had to shadow Matuszak around town to make sure he got back to the hotel due to his drinking, drugging, and penchant for beating the piss out of other human beings.