How To Make Thinning Hair
Look Thicker For Under $20

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Head & Shoulders Advanced Thickening Tonic Brian 1 So enlighten me, Dr. Hair. How can Head & Shoulders Advanced Thickening Tonic work after only one application? Magic! Okay, not really. It's science! The formula uses a triple action complex that includes panthenol, caffeine, and niacinamide that locks in natural moisture to improve the scalp skin barrier, providing a healthy base for fuller, thicker hair. Will the caffeine sink into my scalp and provide an energy boost? Doubtful. Stick to coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up. However, the Tonic's formula does form an “exoskeleton” that adds bulk and provides a reinforcing structure to each hair strand. And since we know you're thinking it we'll address it — no, it's not an exoskeleton that flies around like Iron Man’s suit. But the Tonic is still strong like bull!