Screw Batteries — Get a Solar-Powered Boombox

solar powered boombox rukus

When you’re outside, listening to music without wearing headphones often presents a problem. But whether you’re camping with friends, hanging out at the beach, or guzzling beers in your parents’ garage, Eton’s Rukus Solar boombox ($180) can solve that problem. It plays music via Bluetooth or an aux jack from any audio device, and it’s totally portable thanks to an integrated handle and a weight of less than 5 lbs. The coolest part? The Ruckus can provide the soundtrack to your outdoor party via dual 2.25-inch speakers using nothing more than the power of the sun.

It takes about six hours of direct sunlight to fully charge the Rukus (it also comes with an AC adaptor, so you can charge it the conventional way), but when it’s being used in the sun, unlike you, it’ll last indefinitely. Its E Ink display — the same technology used by the Amazon Kindle to make it easy to read in direct sunlight — tells you what song is being played over Bluetooth and the Rukus’s remaining battery life.

The Technology Behind Solar-Powered Boomboxes

Solar-powered boomboxes are designed using advanced technology that combines solar panels with traditional audio components. The device itself has two components: a rechargeable battery and an amplifier with speakers. The battery is powered by energy from the sun’s rays which is collected by integrated solar panels located on top of the device.

This energy is then converted into electrical current which powers both the amplifier and speakers allowing them to produce sound at high volumes even when there is no access to conventional power sources like AC outlets or car ports. Additionally, many solar-powered boomboxes come with additional features such as USB ports for charging phones and tablets as well as built-in FM radios so you can stay up to date on world news while out in nature

Enjoy Music Everywhere You Go

Finally, one of the best benefits of owning a solar-powered boombox is that it allows you to take your music everywhere without having to worry about finding an outlet or running out of power. Whether it be camping trips with friends, long hikes through nature reserves, beach days spent soaking up rays – whatever type of outdoor activity you plan on doing this summer – make sure that your soundtrack follows along thanks to a trusty solar-powered boombox!