Hot Celebrities Who’ve Been Cheated On

Demi Moore is hardly the only hot celebrity who’s been cheated on. (Okay, allegedly cheated on.) In fact, she’s in some pretty amazing company.

By Kevin S. Koenig

Hot Women Who Have Been Cheated On: Elin NordegrenELIN NORDEGREN
Okay, she was only a celebrity because she was married to Tiger Woods, but she’s hot, so who cares? Also, when she found out in 2009 that Tiger had banged pretty much every single exotic dancer in the greater Tampa area, she attacked him with a golf club. Which is awesome. The divorce netted Nordegren a cool $100 million settlement. Hey Elin — call us.Hot Women Who Have Been Cheated On

Hot Women Who Have Been Cheated On: Liz HurleyELIZABETH HURLEY
In 1995, Elizabeth Hurley’s boyfriend Hugh Grant was feeling randy. So he did what any hugely successful actor dating one of the world’s most successful models would do: He picked up busted street-walker in Hollywood. Although Grant was caught in the act — worse, his subsequent appearance on The Tonight Show is what propelled Jay Leno ahead of David Letterman in the late-night ratings — Hurley stood by her man for the next five years. Last year, however, the tables were turned when Hurley was accused of cheating on her then-husband, Arun Nayar. She divorced Nayar shortly after and is now engaged to Shane Warne, the dude she allegedly cheated with.

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