How To Be a Better Kisser

Kissing prowess is probably more important to the ladies than it is to you — so knowing how to be a better kisser will give you more cred than you think.

By Chloe Anderson

This is where you unleash the beast. Push her up against a wall, run your hands through her hair, and press your tongue into hers with purpose. And don’t worry about coming across as too aggressive. I polled some of my girlfriends and they all agreed that it’s hot as hell when a man takes charge like this. Plus, once the clothes start coming off and foreplay commences it’s going to be a lot harder to impress her with your smooching technique, since your mouth can’t be in two places at once. (If I have to explain what I mean, you’ve got more problems than I know how to solve.)

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to kiss a woman during sex. You don’t have to be joined at the lips the entire time, but occasionally laying one on her will turn her one and make her feel more connected to you. I recommend softly pressing your lips up against hers the moment you enter her, and then backing off for a minute or so while you two find your groove before kissing her again. Don’t limit yourself to her mouth either; the neck and ear lobes are both fair game. As she gets closer to having an orgasm, pull back and follow her lead. Some women find that it’s distracting to be kissed when they’re trying to focus on their happy ending, while others report that it enhances the experience.

5. THE 10,000th KISS
After you’ve been with a woman for a while, and you know exactly what makes her tick, kissing is usually one of those things that falls by the wayside. But a great kiss can do everything from bring you closer together to rekindle the heat in your relationship. Research suggests that men transmit testosterone to women through their saliva, which in turn helps boost a woman’s sex drive. I am personally a fan of an old-fashioned make-out session that only goes about as far as second base. (A car or other semi-private place is an ideal spot.) It’s novel, sweet, and also slightly kinky.

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