5 Of The Worst ‘Compliments’ You Can Give A Woman

worst compliments you can give a woman

Compliments are awesome, but more often than not, clueless guys can dish out something that sounds far more like an insult than something a woman is psyched to hear. I asked a handful of women the worst “compliments” a guy has given them. There were too many to list, but here are the six dumbest. But since I kinda like you, I’m going to clue you in on what you should say instead.

The Worst “Nice” Things You Can Say To A Woman

#1. “Wow, you have a really big ribcage!”

A guy said this to me on a fourth date as things were getting hot and heavy. Read: sex was on the horizon. I’m not sure if he was trying to compliment my boobs and chickened out, but regardless, no girl wants to hear the word big in reference to her body. And yes, that includes talking about her boobs. I mean, seriously: a really big RIBCAGE? What does that even mean? Should I see a doctor? Am I going to be okay?

SAY THIS INSTEAD: “You’re so hot.”

That’s all we need to hear when we’re getting hot and heavy. Simple, direct, and will definitely not stop the action in its tracks or make us concerned for our health. We’re not asking for Shakespeare; we are asking for Not Willingfully Ignorant And Or Stupid. Our ribcages thank you.