How To Look Better With Your Shirt Off

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How To Look Better With Your Shirt Off db pressDUMBBELL BENCH PRESS

The dumbbell bench press allows for more mobility and a better stretch at the bottom of the movement compared to a standard barbell bench press. That also means you'll need to work harder to control the weight during the exercise. Read: If you think you'll need a spot, you probably will. Ask anyone within earshot who looks like they won't allow the weight to crush your skull for help. Also: Try This Kick-Ass Shoulders Workout

How to do it:

• Grab a pair of dumbbells and balance them on your quads as you sit on the end of a flat weight bench. • Lie back on the bench and raise the dumbbells so they're fully extended at arm's length when your back is flat on the bench. • Slowly lower the dumbbells in unison to your mid-chest and about as wide as your armpits; keep your elbows close to your sides. • Press the dumbbells up and in toward each other slightly; keep your back touching the pad and don't let the dumbbells clang together at the top of the movement. • Lower and repeat. NEXT: DUMBBELL SPLIT SQUAT