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You’ve Probably Never Heard Of These Diet Plans

Okay, you’ve heard of at least one of them. Still, if you’re looking to lose weight, add muscle, or simply try a new diet plan, you have options.

By Michael Irons

The Best Diets For Men

Screw crash diets. In the short term you’ll probably lose weight because you’re most likely slashing your caloric intake in a draconic manner. But it won’t last. Research from 2012 found that buying into a short-term diet eventually translated to weight gain after people reverted back to their glutenous selves. Plus, cutting your calories so harshly will mess up your mood and turn you into a gigantic prick to those around you. In other words, crash diets aren’t worth it.

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So what’s the best diet for men? One that you turn into a lifestyle and that you can keep consistent. To come clean, some of the diets on our list are more difficult to follow than others. If you’re dedicated you can make it happen, but you’ll have to remain on point. Others are super easy to follow, like …

10 Weeks BodyChange | changetime.com
Pro wrestler John Cena has an online 10-week BodyChange program. We know, pro wrestling is full of gimmicks, but Cena’s plan is easy to follow and has been stripped of complexity. Essentially you eat clean and healthy for six days, and go wild on day seven. The price isn’t listed on the website, but some thorough internet research tipped us off that it costs about $100. For that you gain access to recipes, videos, and a workout component.


best diets for men carb rotating diet

Carb-Rotating Diet
Carbohydrates convert to energy during digestion. Complex carbs burn slower in the body and translate to lasting energy, where as simple carbs digest quickly and can cause an insulin spike. A carb-rotating diet has you adjusting the amount of carbs you take in on a daily basis to fluctuate your metabolic rate up and down. Over time this should help you burn more body fat. Good sources of slow-burning carbs include yams, whole wheat or pumpernickel bread, oatmeal, and most fruits. Fast-burning carbs include white rice or bread, and refined sugar or flour.

It’s not as simple as Cena’s BodyChange and will take some getting used to, but if you’re interested, here’s an example that’s based on 200 grams of carbohydrates per day. You’d need to figure out how many carbs and calories you need to fit your target weight, which is something an online calculator or the app My Fitness Pal can help you determine:

Monday—Wednesday: 100 g of slow-burning carbs in the a.m. and 75 g of fast-burning carbs around your workout

Thursday: 250-300 g of carbs throughout the day, but consume low-fat foods (this applies to all high-carb days)

Friday & Saturday: 100 g of slow-burning carbs in the a.m. and 75 g of fast-burning carbs around your workout

Sunday: 200 g of carbs in one large meal (i.e. a cheat meal) instead of spreading out carb intake throughout the day

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best diets for men ketogenic

Ketogenic Diet
The other side to that is a diet void of carbohydrates. This can be tricky because if you’re not careful your body will devour muscle tissue when it needs fuel, so you need to be strict with what you eat and when to avoid that from taking place. Really, a ketogenic diet is like Atkins, which we know is a gimmick, but you can consume as many calories as you normally would and your food selections are fairly restricted (it’s even suggested to cut out fruits and veggies at first to get used to it); this might make it easier to shop and avoid confusion as to what you can or cannot consume. Which brings us to the next point — what can you eat on a ketogenic diet? Bacon, eggs, salmon, whey protein, creatine, BCAAs, steak, spinach … the list goes on. So it’s not like you have slim pickings, it’s just that you’ll need to be careful about carbohydrate avoidance.

To keep yourself on point you’ll also need to pee on a ketone strip, which you can get at drug stores or Amazon: URS Urinalysis Strips For Ketone ($8 for 100).

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best diet plans for men paleo diet
Paleo Diet
Okay you’ve heard of this probably because it’s trendy and people love to say dumb things like, “I eat like a caveman!”*, but the Paleo diet makes sense — eat real food and cut out grains and refined sugar. It’s a good option for guys who are trying to drop excess weight while adding lean muscle. What can you eat? Meat (and lots of it), as well as eggs, veggies, chicken, nuts, seeds, seafood, and anything else you can hunt or pull out of a body of water.

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*We’ve actually never met someone who has said this line.

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