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10 Excuses Obama Gave Putin

Politicians often lie. But President Obama was shockingly honesty about why he canceled a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Presidential Problems

8 Countries That Will Keep Obama
Up At Night

We got out of Iraq (mostly) and are going to leave Afghanistan (probably). But there are plenty of other presidential problems awaiting Obama in his second term.


The Presidential Election Quiz

This Election Day, do our Founding Fathers proud by A) voting and B) showing off your knowledge of presidential elections in this quick quiz.


What Is The Electoral College, Anyway?

You’ll vote on Tuesday, but it’s the 538 people in the Electoral College who really elect the next president. If that raises some questions (hint: it should), read on.


Debate Techniques You Can Actually Use

These presidential-grade debate tactics will help you win more arguments — and that’s something we’re not going to argue with you about.