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7 Rules For Getting Divorced

The end of any marriage has unique issues — but there are a few things everyone should do when getting divorced.

How To Get Back Engagement Ring

How To Get Back The Engagement Ring

Engagements don’t always work out. So we asked a woman who found herself in that situation how a guy can get back the ring on which he spent a small fortune.


Your Marriage Will Look Like This

Your marriage will go through five stages, and by stage two you better be ready to put in the work if you want your things to last.


5 Surprising Hints She’s A Keeper

Have things gotten serious with your current girlfriend? These five clues might help you determine if she’s a keeper or if you should keep looking.


How Cheating On Your Wife Can Kill You

Yes, your wife may kill you if she finds out you’re cheating on her. But research has shown that cheating can cause serious health issues as well.