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7 Natural Energy Drinks For Guys

Whether you were up late playing Tetris or threw back one too many cocktails, sometimes you need an energy boost. These (natural) drinks can give it to you.

By Camille Lamb

best natural energy drinks for men maca powder#2. MACA POWDER DRINKS ($17 @ Amazon.com)
Maca ($19) is a root full of amino acids, minerals, and pythonutrients — organic components of plants — that have been used by Andean societies for, like, a billion years for numerous reasons: It can increase stamina, fight fatigue, and increase sex drive, fertility, and sperm count. (Score!)

It’s so highly sought after in some areas of Peru that it’s even used as currency. Add maca powder to a smoothie or shake with banana, almond milk, whey protein, a scoop of peanut butter, and frozen berries for breakfast.