The Best Socks For Men

best socks for men dickies crew

#1. Dickie’s Mens 6 Pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew Socks ($11 and up @
Made with a cotton/polyester blend, these socks are reliable and stretchy and contain moisture-absorbing fibers to keep air moving. (Read: your socks will sink less.) The reinforced heel and toes, along with cushioned sole will make you feel good in your shoes.


best mens socks balega

#2. Balega Hidden Comfort Socks ($8 and up @
Balega created no-slip socks that feature a deep heel pocket and extra heel tab that reliably hold the sock in place. Seamless toe closure ensures maximum comfort and protection. Mesh construction on heel and toe creates better ventilation.

best socks men champion

#3. Champion Men’s No Show Socks ($9 and up for a 6 pack @
They’re plain and simple low cut/no show socks perfect for guys on a strict budget You get three color combos: white/grey, white/black, and black. Arch support and built-in cushioning stand for optimal comfort and fit.

best mens socks saucony

Saucony Men’s Performance No-Show Socks ($18 for a 6 pack @
These are solid running or training socks that are light and breathable; they also are engineered with moisture management technology.

best mens socks hiking
People Socks Hiking Trekking Crew Socks, 4 Pairs ($25-$30 @
Made of Merino wool, these soft and warm socks are solid go-tos for chilly fall and winter weather. Wash ‘em in a machine, but be sure to air dry ‘em.


best socks for men carhartt

Carhartt Men’s Extremes Cold Weather Boot Socks ($9 – $15 @
You need a super-warm sock to keep your feetsies warm in your boots. Carhartt delivers. Made of acrylic/wool combination, this model features full cushioning and reinforced sole, with fast-dry technology to eliminate excessive sweat. Additionally, they look cool – which is never a bad thing.


best mens socks dockers

Dockers Men’s Docker’s Cushion Comfort Sport Crew Socks ($16 for a 5 pack @
They’re a retro looking sock, with ribbed cuffs to boot. But other than having a throwback style, but other than that, they’re plain old cotton socks. And that’s not such a bad thing because they provide the comfort you need for daily activities.

best mens socks wool

Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Merino Wool Boot Full Cushion Stock ($120 for a 6 pack @
For all the guys searching for ultimate comfort and endurance (and are ready to pay for it)Yes, they’re pricey, but well worth it if you can afford to shell out for them. Why are they $100 socks? They’re super cushioned and repel bacteria and odor, which makes them ideal for all kinds of winter sports. Each pair comes with a lifetime warranty.


best socks timerbland

Timberland Men’s 3 Pack Cotton Crew Socks ($15 @ 
Classic black (or brown) socks with stylish ribbed shin and large Timberland logo on the toe. Comfortable and warm, with soft cushioning, suitable for every casual or formal combination. A pair every guy should keep in the drawer.


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