The Best Socks For Men

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Choosing The Best Socks For Men

Socks are vital to your mood. When’s the last time you had feet that were housed inside of soaking wet socks and you weren’t a dick to other people because of it? Exactly, never. The key is to have your socks work for you and your activity, which requires putting some thought into what you’re going to be doing and how much you should pony up to keep your feet comfy. And make no mistake about it — you should pony up for decent socks (boxers or undies, too). Whether you’re after socks that wick moisture, blunt any stinkage, or a mixture of both, we found a handful that’ll work for you and your gross feet. Enjoy.


Thirty48 RU Light ($14)

Best known for making athletic socks, Thirty48 now introduces their cool running socks, which look awesome and provide plenty of cushioning. More importantly, these socks were designed to handle any moisture and are very effective against blisters. There’s an elastic arch support and padding to allow maximum comfort for your foot for all the biggest pressure points.


2XU Compression Performance Run Sock ($8)

Here’s another pretty decent running sock – the 2XU Men’s Compression Performance Run Socks. These bad boys were made to stimulate blood flow. They also feature therapeutic muscle support, minimizing any swelling or muscle fatigue that might occur after running. The men’s 2XU sock reduces moisture that happens due to sweating, and will decrease any potential feet stank, which we are all eager to avoid as much as possible. At any rate, this has proven to be a very popular and yet quite affordable running sock.


Jude Stripe Dress Sock ($16)

Okay, when getting yourself a proper sock, the objective is to get one that keeps your feet all comfy and dry. The Jude Stripe Dress Sock features zoned ventilation, preserving the dryness of your feet, while offering comfort even for extended wear. Additional details like light compression and arch support increase and improve blood flow circulation. The manufacturers have added something called InvisiGrip technology, which stays wrapped around the foot constantly, making sure the sock doesn’t move around.