Why You Should Love Public Displays Of Affection

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Why You Should Tolerate Public Displays of Affection Engaging in public displays of affection (PDA) with your girlfriend is one of those traditional couple sticking points, like the putting down of the toilet seat, the frequency of bed sheet changing, and the watching of romantic comedies. Thing is, your relationship will probably survive if you continue to leave the seat up, sleep on dirty sheets, or refuse to watch From Justin to Kelly. But if you don't show affection to your woman in public, it could very well affect your sex life — or even sabotage your entire relationship. So I'm going to explain why PDA makes us women so happy. And if that's not enough to convince you to hold hands and occasionally kiss in front of other people, I’m also going to explain why doing so will result in hotter sex. Why You Should Tolerate Public Displays of Affection PDA MAKES US FEEL ADORED I once went to dinner with a friend who had just bought an expensive new bag, and instead of putting it on the floor next to her or hanging it of the side of her chair, she showed it off by leaving it on the table for the entire meal. And that’s the message you send when you pull us in for a hug at the bar — that you want to show us off because you’re proud to be with us. Are women objects? No. Do we sometimes want to be treated like an object? If that object is something you absolutely adore and can’t wait to brag about to your buddies, yes.