10 Amazing Football Stadiums … Made From Food

10 Amazing Super Bowl Stadiums … Made Out Of Food  GMA

#7. GMO Stadium
This was built for Good Morning America, which we’re sure you already knew since you never miss an episode. Sadly, it was destroyed after Robin Roberts went all Clay Matthews on George Stephanopoulos near the 35 yard line. We’re kidding. It was destroyed after it was given to the homeless dumped into the trash.


*We’re kidding about kidding; it was actually donated to charity. Seriously.

10 Amazing Super Bowl Stadiums … Made Out Of Food  desert

#8. Die-A-Bee-Tus Stadium
Wilford Brimley
would boycott the game if it were played here, but we’re as big of fans of donuts, Rolos, gummy worms, and all of the other high-fructose corn syrup-packed goodies that make up this spread as we are of Brimley’s pronunciation of the word diabetes.