10 Ways Guys Wear Baseball Hats (And What Each Style Says About Them)


#7. What it says about you: You’re self-conscious about your Dumbo ears, and your hat is too big, dummy.

right side

#8. What it says about you: Your right ear is a diva that demands shade at all times.

ways guys wear hats left side

#9. What it says about you: The left side of your neck gets sunburn more easily than the right side.

ralley cap

What it says about you: You’ve A) attended one too many baseball games; B) you’re a fan of the hip-hop powerhouse Kriss Kross; or C) you’re one severely confused individual.

Conclusion: Baseball hats come in all shapes and sizes, so there really is something for everyone no matter what kind of style they prefer! Whether you go for the high crown look or opt for something more subtle like a visor, choosing the right type of baseball hat can help enhance any outfit while adding some personality into your wardrobe at the same time!

By understanding how different styles can influence how people perceive you and playing around until you find something that reflects your individual style, there’s no reason why every guy shouldn’t be able to find his perfect baseball hat!