8 Ways To Avoid Being An Awful Overnight Houseguest

how to bet a better overnight guest

Whether you’re dropping by on a whim or it’s a planned stop on a vacation, the lasting impression you leave as a houseguest determines whether you’ll get an invite for a return stay. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve known the person for a long time; if you act like an ass and do things like leave a heap of trash or used tissues on the nightstand, or a floater in the toilet, your buddy — and particularly, his wife or live-in girlfriend — aren’t going to appreciate it.

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That said, aside from the non-floater rule, her are some other things to take into consideration when you’re staying with a friend, a friend of a friend, or relative.

#1. Send Updates With Flight Info
Even if you’re taking an Uber or cab to the person’s house, if your flight or connection is delayed and you have access to WiFi or a means to let the person know, do it. Doing so may mean they’ll need to reshuffle their schedule so you can get into their place or adjust so they’re around when you arrive. Leaving your host wondering where you are is ana annoyance that’s easily avoided.

If your flight doesn’t have WiFi you can always send them your flight info ahead of time along with the a link to flightawre.com, which is a user-friendly way to plug in your flight into to monitor delays.


#2. Bring Something
Get something in the $20 range, If you want to pony up for more, cool. No matter what you spend chances are you’ll be saving cash since you’re not staying in a hotel or bed-bug-infested crack den. Wine is always a good option. White or red, doesn’t matter. It’s the gesture that makes a difference. That said, if you show up with $20 worth of 40-ounce beers, prepare for a look like you just blew a snot rocket on their welcome mat.