11 Winter Hats That Won’t Make You Look Dopey

2014 best winter hats for menCoonskin Cap ($13 @ Amazon.com)

We have no excuse for this unabashedly dopey number. But for fans of Scut Farkus and those who live in subzero temperatures — you poor, frozen bastards! — we included it. The Canadian-made (and hunted, most likely) cap also comes with a terrifying “genuine raccoon face” and “full raccoon tail” that PETA members would love to soak in red paint. This, obviously, is the faceless version that Farkus would sport. A quilted interior and foldable wool earflaps provide added insulation from chilly air. So whether you’re flying down the slopes, chopping wood or out on the trail, this dumb-looking cap will keep you from turning into a human icicle.