12 Cool Kitchenware Revamps

Rocking Whiskey Glass 12 Ways To Tech Up Your Kitchen#3. Rocking Whiskey Glass ($25 for a set of 6 @ Amazon.com)
Not “rocking” like that rock and roll music the kids listen to on their Walkmans, but rocking like your badass grandfather used to do in his chair while he sipped whiskey like a man. Pay homage with this set of bobbing glasses — you’ll tip over before they do.

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lid 12 Ways To Tech Up Your Kitchen#4. EZ Seal Vacuum Tight Lid ($17 @ Amazon.com)
The same technology used to encase Han Solo in carbonite has now been harnessed for your kitchen in the form of these vacuum sealed lids, which form-fit to the opening of ANY jar, jug, or Tupperwhere-the-hell-is-the-lid?!