13 Sexual Kinks You Should Consider Experimenting With


Did you see 50 Shades Of Gray in the theater and get turned on? You’re not alone. Many people love the pleasure that can come with inducing pain during sex.

When people hear the words “sexual kinks,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably something considered the butt of most jokes: foot fetish. However, that is a kink that people get off on, and who are we to judge?

But let’s get down to it: what are kinks, and what are some you should experiment with!

Sexual Kinks: What Are They?

Having an interest in a particular kink to try out with your partner isn’t something to be ashamed of, and it is not uncommon! In reality, almost half the population of sexually active people have tried, or want to try, different types of kinky sex!

Before going any further, let’s make sure you know what a kink is and what the main categories fall under the umbrella of kinky sexual intercourse. So, kink is pretty easy to define: anything outside the “norm,” something that bends off the straight and narrow of society’s idea of what sex should be.

The following are five categories that fall under the umbrella of kink:

BDSM: Standing for Bondage Dominance Sadism Masochism, is the most known sexual kink and more widely used. It can range from just light spanking to getting tied up. Consider using a safe word for your hook-up to know when it’s gone too far.

Role-Playing: It’s the imagining of scenarios that would probably never happen. Some examples would be dressing up as a sexy school student, a nurse, or even a maid—pretty much any type of sexy Halloween costume

Voyeurism/Exhibitionism: These are in one category but are the opposite. Voyeurism is the act of watching someone else doing something personal such as undressing, all the way to watching a couple have sex. Exhibitionism, on the other hand, is the act of having sex in a public place – the thrill of getting caught is the turn-on for most people. 

Different Fetishes: We all know about fetishes, this is common, although most become the butt of jokes, yet one out of four women and men have a fetish. These can range from feet, shoes, leather, and even rubber.

Group Sex: Pretty self-explanatory; threesomes, sex parties, orgies, any act that involves more than two people. It’s very common. Many men and women have reported participating in group sex or thinking about it.

Before moving on, ALL kinks should be between people who consent to these acts. These are not things that you do without consent. No means no. 

Now, without further ado – here are the 13 sexual kinks you should be experimenting with (in no particular order):

13. Bondage

Bondage is the use of different types of materials to tie someone up in different positions. When you read bondage, you probably think of using rope or cuffs to hook someone to your best posts. Bondage is a kink that many couples engage in and become aroused by.

Bondage falls in the BDSM category as it puts one person in the dominant position and someone in the submissive role. Many people who feel they can’t lose control enjoy this type of sex because it takes away all their capability to be in control.

Bondage can be tying someone to a bed, tying their hands behind their back, tying their hands to their feet – anything you are comfortable with and would want to try!

12. Foot Fetish

Foot fetishes are the most popular one to joke about. However, foot fetishes can be genuine for some people. The fetish is the attraction to – you guessed it – feet. 

Foot fetishes are most common amongst straight males, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it! Someone with a foot fetish gets off on everything about feet and will want to worship your feet – massage them, caress them, possibly even kiss them.

If this interests you, start small with a foot massage for your partner or even give them a pedicure to spark your desire before engaging in intercourse.

11. Voyeurism

Many people think of voyeurism, and the first thing that comes to mind is a peeping Tom, but chances are you have already been a voyeur and already like it. It is something that many people do with their partners to up the passion of the moment.

The type of voyeurism that we’re talking about is watching porn. You may have not even thought about this being a type of voyeurism, but you are participating in the act of watching others in an intimate situation. 

Watching porn with your partner is a great thing to experience – it will turn both of you on if you can find the right type of porn you both like. Porn can also give you some new ideas to try like different positions. 

If you don’t want to go down the path of porn, other types of voyeurism would be watching your partner shower or watching your partner masturbate. It is a great way to experience voyeurism positively. 

10. Impact Play

Paddles, hands, and whips – oh my! Impact play has everything to do with hitting the body – most commonly on the bum. If you want to experiment with this type of play, you want to avoid hitting any organs, or something that is especially bony as that is most likely to hurt your partner (we don’t want that! Unless they do).

You will want to choose a safeword to make sure that this doesn’t get out of hand, and you don’t get seriously hurt. As well, don’t jump right into the deep end. You want to start small and work up to something more forceful (like starting with your hand, moving up to a whip).

9. Sensation Play

Sensation play is when you play with your partner’s senses. A common sense that people play with is the sense of sight by blindfolding your lover. 

It can be fun for both partners as one person gets to choose little things to help turn on their partners, such as vibrators, feathers, or even ice cubes, while the other is unaware of what is coming, leaving them holding their breath in the excitement of what is coming. 

8. Role-Playing

Again, this is a popular kink for some couples, and it is something worth experimenting with. There are so many different ways you can go about this kink.

Have you ever had the fantasy of being a naughty school student who wants punishment from the headmaster? Here is your time! Go out and buy some costumes, or just some clothes from the sales rack that can match the roles, and get into it! 

Whatever your role-playing fantasy is, this is something great to experiment with while also not feeling like you’re deviating too much from the norm.

7. Anal Sex

This falls on our list of sexual kinks because it is out of the norm – even though it is becoming accepted more widely now. You may be having anal sex already but may not be considering it a kink, but have you thought of ways to play with it more?

Some ways to experiment more with anal play would be using toys such as anal plugs while having vaginal sex. Or, if you’re a man, you may like your partner using their fingers to stimulate your anus, or even performing oral sex like giving a rim job. 

6. Orgasm Control

Orgasm control is just that – your partner having total control of your orgasm. It is something that is usually used repetitively in the same sex session and can be extremely pleasurable. 

It’s performed by bringing your partner close to orgasm, right to the brink, but stopping right before you can climax. The idea is to give over total control of your orgasm to your partner, how you climax, and when you climax will be in their hands.

5. Gagging

There are many forms of gagging that you can play with – either being choked, or having something shoved in your mouth, or even using a ball gag. Gagging can be linked back to sensation play as you take away your partner’s ability to talk.

Experimenting with this can be fun if you are interested in either being dominant or submissive. Playing with choking is dangerous, so you need to communicate with your partner about going this way.

The eroticism in choking someone comes from a sense of dominance, but also for the person being choked, the sensation of the oxygen rushing back to their brain can be exhilarating. You need always to have a way to tap out, though.

4. Age Play

Have you ever heard a person refer to their partner as “daddy”? Or have you seen the classic movie “The Graduate” and thought it would be sexy to have sex with someone older than you? Well, this is age play (unless you do have sex with someone older, then that’s just having sex with someone older than you) 

Playing with age is when a couple pretends one person is either older or younger than they are. Experimenting with this can be fun if you’ve ever had a fantasy for being with an older man or woman. It could be an alternative for looking for someone older to have sex with, especially if you are in a relationship.

3. Golden Showers

Golden showers, waterworks, water sports, or pee play. For some, nothing screams romance more than the thought of being peed on. Maybe you’re interested in this?

Pee play is more common than you think and nothing to be ashamed of! It is something that you could experiment safely with your partner, but we suggest starting in the shower. 

If you want to try this, but not into the idea of real pee, then you should check out the REAL WHIZZINATOR-XXX – it comes with synthetic pee!

2. Nylons

Many people find nylons sexy, probably because they make legs look perfect, so it’s no wonder this makes the list of sexual kinks. Wear a sexy pair of nylons to turn on your partner is one of the more tame kinks on this list, but it makes the kink list because some people need nylons on to get off.

Something to experiment with would be thigh high nylons for extra sexiness, and they’re easier to take off, and then when they’re off, you could use them to tie your partner to the bed.

1. Hot and Cold

Another type of sensation play is using hot and cold to tingle your senses and turn you on. Using things that either hot or cold perk up the nerve endings in your skin, giving you added pleasure to your sex.

Are you someone who loves candles? Then this may be the exact thing you want to experiment with! Burning a candle, then pouring the hot wax on your partner can give a painfully pleasure experience. But, you don’t want to get a burn, so there are candles out there that designed for this situation. They heat to a temperature perfect for touching our skin without burning it.

Or, are you someone who liked the tingles of the cold? Then an idea would be to use an ice cube in the bedroom. Running this up and down your partner’s body can give them a host of sensations that they will love. 

Go Get Kinky

From getting tied up to being peed on, using different tools to play with the senses, there are sexual kinks to turn everyone on; it’s just a question of if you want to have more fun in the bedroom? If you decide to use any of the kinks you’ve read in this article, remember to get consent from all involved – that’s the sexiest part of playing with kinks.

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