Regular Usage of CBD oil – Review After One Month’s Use

Many individuals find that cannabidiol (CBD) is an essential, mild botanical solution to ease various symptoms. Anxiety and depression are among them as well.

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You must have seen CBD oil on shelves in your favorite shops, and you must have watched the specific topic pop on the web. It is all around, and you start to wonder if it could help you. 

It appears to be a modern magic oil. But you are skeptical. You must be thinking if it can actually help to ease fear and pain? What about the tales of depression-assisting CBD oil? All looks too amazing to be real.

What is CBD?

CBD is a plant-based extract from the inter-hemp plant that occurs naturally. It is also a chemical substance that is not intoxicating. This cannabinoid has been shown to offer medicinal benefits. It releases anxiety and enhances feelings of wellbeing and general homeostasis.

After a Month of Usage

For about a month, I have been taking CBD Oil. I have done a lot of research to put the answers to your CBD oil questions in one place right here.

I cannot claim to be a professional, but I can help you understand CBD oil’s truth. I have tried a few brands, and, along with some CBD oil ideas, I am going to share my favorites below.


CBD oil is not alone in this business. Hemp oil, hemp seed oil, and hemp derivatives are also available. They might not sound like significant variations, but I say it counts when it comes to choosing a high-quality product that will do what you would like it to do.

So, let us make sure you understand the differences between CBD oil, hemp oil, hemp extract, and more. Being knowledgeable will help you make a successful buy. Let us begin by understanding what the variation between hemp and marijuana is.

Difference between Hemp & Marijuana

Do you remember when you were taught about the method of classification? 

Do you remember the family, the genus, the plants, and all those concepts? Tobacco and hemp belong to the same genus, Tobacco. They are not the same vine, though.

The most critical distinction between cannabis and marijuana is the varying CBD and THC quantities.

You can check for a detailed review of the difference between CBD and THC here.

Difference between CBD & THC

Both CBD and THC are called cannabinoids. The CBD cannabidiol cannot get you high, while the THC cannabidiol can get you high. THC communicates with the sensors in your endocannabinoid system in a way that keeps you high.

CBD is not typically obtained from marijuana. It is hemp-extracted whereas, in marijuana, THC is present in larger concentrations. Bear in mind, same genus, different herb.

Legal Limit

It is illegal to sell CBD products with more than 0.3 percent of THC. That is why having a trustworthy CBD brand that enables you to access the laboratory reports to see the percentage itself is essential.

Several businesses produce THC-free CBD oils. Their CBD products are organic and THC-free, and among all those I have tried so far, their tinctures taste the best.

Benefits of CBD

There is not sufficiently credible data to verify what CBD can and cannot do. Many people use it in many different ways to help change their lives. I use CBD to encourage calmness as I have already described leading a calmer, less stressed life.

CBD is being investigated like crazy at the moment, and I enjoy learning new stuff about it. It may be used for anxiety/depression, nausea, heart wellbeing, insomnia, diabetes. It is what Healthline and Verywell Wellbeing claim.

Apart from easing particular symptoms, there are many other benefits of CBD. To know more about them, the two papers linked above can be read. It is also essential to hear what the FDA has said about CBD. Make sure that you check out the list of companies to which they have sent CBD-related warnings. It is a critical thing to notice.

How Do You Take CBD?

Please bear in mind that you ought to do your analysis, and to consult your doctor is the smartest idea. 

The dose and time of intake will differ significantly based on the way your body responds to CBD. For problems associated with anxiety and depression, you can also use CBD oil. You can utilize this information to maximize the benefits of your CBD products.

Distinctive CBD Products

There is quite a variety of CBD-based products in the market.

While I have experience with CBD oil ointments, CBD gums, pills, vapes, energy drinks, oils, and more can be found. 

There are also CBD for pets, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and pure CBD oil.

When Should You Take CBD?

Should you take CBD oil in the morning or at night? After or before you eat?

Here is what I do. Before I go to bed, I brush my teeth, and then I place the desired CBD oil dose under my tongue. I then keep it there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing it to let it absorb it.

It is advised to take good fats and complex carbs with CBD oil.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

It depends on how long you are taking CBD, what kind of CBD you are taking, the different drugs you can take, etc. A great starting point is this guide.

In severe conditions, CBD doses can range from 2 mg to 300 mg per day. Starting with the lowest dosage possible is the best way to determine how much CBD works for you.

Start with a low dosage of 2.5-5 mg to see how the body reacts if this is the first experience using a cannabis product. There will be no findings for obese people with more significant treatment effects until they reach levels of at least 25 mg.


The oil is legal, legitimate, needs no prescription, and makes me less nervous, upset, and more productive. CBD oil is an all-natural depression/anxiety medication that is naturally cultivated on family farms. I’m certainly on board with the idea of CBD consumption.