20 Facts About Underwear You Should Know (Unless You Go Commando)

Underwear Facts Men Should Know

1) Wearning undies can lead to illness.
Nut- and bun-hugging underwear can promote chafing and vaginal irritation. When it comes to material, synthetic materials are not breathable, which creates a risk of moisture being trapped inside the body, which can lead to a yeast or bacterial infection.

You might want to consider underwear pieces made of breathable, durable, and protective materials, like bamboo fabric. Bamboo fibers are all cellulose fiber fabricated or extracted from natural bamboo, which is comfortable on the skin. Fabrics labelled as made from bamboo are synthetic rayon or cellulose (viscose rayon) extracted from bamboo. Unlike other fabrics, bamboo is ultraviolet (UV) and static protective.