20 Facts About Underwear You Should Know (Unless You Go Commando)

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9) World record
In 2010, a ten-year-old named Jack Singer in Warwick, New York, put on 215 pairs of underwear at the same time. This broke the previous record, that was only 200 pairs.

10) Advances in underwear
Advances in underwear took place in the 1950s, with the creation of spandex and rayon. This created new styles and concepts of different types of underwear. This was the first time that underwear became expressive, rather than only practical. The bikini brief was also invented during this time, which added a new cut and style to the industry and remains the most popular style for women to this day.

Men boxers also have evolved with new materials, such as bamboo fabric. This eco-friendly underwear fabric provides long-term freshness because of its breathability, wicking away moisture. Therefore, it’s suitable for active men, like athletes and field workers. Bamboo underwear is also hypoallergenic, crease-resistant, wonderfully soft, and sweat-resistant.