20 Facts About Underwear You Should Know (Unless You Go Commando)

underwear facts

16) Disney world made their employees share underwear.
Up until 2001, employees who played Disney characters such as Cinderella and Mickey Mouse had to return their underwear to the company along with their costume after their shift. However, after several complaints of contracting pubic lice and scabies, this requirement stopped.

17) The invention of thongs.
Thongs were invented as a response to public nudity. In 1939, New York City created a law that required nude dancers to wear a pair of thong underwear, rather than going completely nude.

The use of thongs has become popular since. Thongs can be an excellent backup. They make sure that panty lines aren’t visible, saving you from embarrassment when you wear fitted garments, like dresses. Thongs are sexy with almost no back coverage, enhancing the wearer’s sex appeal and personal comfort. Regardless of what you’ll wear over it, thongs can help you become more confident.