2012 Evolve Awards: Accessories

accessories warby parker glasses 510

Warby Parker Glasses ($95)
Eyewear can be expensive. Even a pair of specs on the discount rack at LensCrafters can run you a few hundred dollars. Thankfully there’s Warby Parker, a website that offers a variety of vintage-inspired glasses for less than $100. But how can you buy glasses without trying them on? You can’t. That’s why you can either upload a photo of yourself to Warby Parker’s site and “try them on” virtually, or you can ask that up to five pairs be sent to you at no cost; you then have five days to decide which ones make you look most beautiful. Oh, and for every pair you buy, the company donates a pair to someone in need.

Evolve Awards 2012
Tooks Hats ($30)

Anyone who has ever snowboarded or shoveled wearing a beanie with earbuds crammed underneath knows that it can start to be uncomfortable, oh, immediately-ish. Tooks Hats takes care of that problem by essentially sewing headphones into their beanies — and the sound quality holds up. Problem sovled.

evolve awards 2012Timbuk2 Especial Tres Backpack ($210)
These waterproof backpacks are ventilated to minimize sweat and have hydration and headphone routing. But they also have enough storage room to hold a full case of beer. Perfect for picnics, softball games, and church services!

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