2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Her

gift guide postertextPOSTERTEXT ($24 and up)
Show her that in addition to sports and video games, you also like literary-type dealios and whatnot. Postertext offers up 35 different posters not only inspired by literary classics, but made from them. (The one to the left here is, as most high-school sophomores should know, from The Great Gatsby.) Look close, and she’ll see that the image is actually made up of the text from the first several chapters of the books. You’ll score major points for proving that you were listening when she mentioned that Anne of Green Gables is her favorite book. And, uh, if you weren’t listening? You can always try scouring her Facebook profile for inspiration.


gift guide kate spade walletKATE SPADE WALLET ($228)
You probably use your wallet until it’s practically falling apart, so you may wonder why she’d want a new wallet when she already has a perfectly good wallet. Well, her wallet is like an article of clothing to her — again, you may not understand since you’re currently wearing a 15-year-old T-shirt — and she likes to update her wardrobe as often as possible. Point is, she’ll love this cowhide wallet, which features gold-plated hardware. Oh, pro tip: Tuck a photo of the two of you into the wallet before you give it to her. You’ll score major bonus points.

You know that most women like jewelry, but she may already have diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, and (if you’re engaged or married) a diamond ring. So what’s a guy to do? Buy her these yellow sapphire earrings, which come in a 14-karat gold setting. They’re traditional enough to suit almost any woman’s style, but the yellow stones make them feel unique. Plus, they’re from the trendy New York City designer Anna Sheffield. That may mean nothing to you, but she’ll dig it. Plus, you’ll look like you did a ton of research when you bought her her gift.