2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor

grylls survival kitGerber Bear Grylls Survival Kit ($85)
Let’s face it — if a zombie apocalypse hits, you’re toast. But that doesn’t have to be the case if a real emergency goes down that involves you surviving against the elements and wild animals. The kit includes a 12-component multi-tool, a flashlight, a firestarter, a case, and a strap for attaching it to your rucksack. It even comes with a survival guide to tell you what to do in case you can’t remember exactly what Bear Grylls did on Man Vs. Wild (thought we’re guessing it involved him drinking his own urine).

2012 Holiday Gift GuideAgloves Grip Touch ($30)
It used to be that the only gloves compatible with touchscreens and smartphones were the fingerless, and therefore didn’t exactly provide your fingers with a lot of warmth. The Agloves cover your whole hand but are made from a material that allows you to navigate your smartphone’s touchscreen without removing them. The cuffed bottoms keep out cold air and the palm’s gripper dots help you maintain a solid grip on your phone while you’re texting as you hurtle down double black diamonds. Speaking of …