2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Grooming

2013 Holiday Gift GuideMan Ready Tub Soak in Recycled Whiskey Bottle ($45)
Guys don’t take bubble baths. They soak in “bath salts”. Whether you’ve been braving the glaciers of Mt. Kilimanjaro, or navigating the urban jungle to and from your desk job, there’s nothing like sliding into the tub at the end of the day. These particular salts come from the dead sea. That was in the Bible, yo. And did we mention it comes in a genuine recycled bottle of Bulleit Bourbon?

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: GroomingKiehl’s Limited Edition Soap-on-a-Rope ($15)
Ever see Cool Hand Luke? Paul Newman was the ultimate tough guy prison inmate who wouldn’t take shit from anybody. We can’t remember any specific scenes involving soap-on-a-rope, but our point is that you’re going to feel totally cool using it. This one contains natural exfoliants, including bran and oatmeal.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: GroomingArt of Shaving – Royal Shave ($55)
The Royal Shave at the Art of Shaving is the closest thing to a spa day a dude can get without relinquishing his man-card. Performed by appointment only, in a plush vintage leather chair by a master trained barber (seriously, some of these guys are like 4th or 5th generation practitioners of the lost art of … barbering), this 45-minute pampering will leave you totally rejuvenated and red-carpet ready. Warning: Girls will want to touch and kiss your face afterward.