3 Annoying Resume Blunders You Should Avoid At All Costs

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Looking to find a new job fast? Welp, beefing up your resume if step one. However, Tina Nicolai, founder of Résumé Writers’ Ink, has three useful tips that you should consider, but you can also see some others if you click here. Why value Nicolai’s word? She’s sifted through 40,000 resumes and has found three annoying flaws that routinely pop up:

#1.  Being Too Formal
It’s your chance to display personality through the page, so don’t pretend you’re a robot. And for crying out loud don’t write what you think someone wants to read — write how you’d explain yourself and what you bring to the table in language that allows you to be excited about what you can do. Leave out anything crass or vulgar, obviously

#2. Job Summaries That Meander
Be pithy and stay on point. Tailor description for the job you’re applying to. A one-resume-fits-all approach comes off as lazy.

#3. Overusing Jargon and Buzzwords
If you’re a “team player” or think “out-of-the-box” demonstrate how or why instead of just stating it. Because whatever buzzword you’re using there are hundreds of candidates who are using it, too. And boy oh boy does it get old.

Nicolai found that people often struggle with selling themselves, and if that’s the case, you should sink some money into working with someone of her caliber — don’t just sign up for the cheapest online site you can find; go with a reputable person and/or organization.

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