3 Beers That Sadly No Longer Are In Production

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They say that the best things in life are temporary. Beers may last a while in the keg, but if the public’s view of these beers wanes in interest, there’ll come a time when the breweries will finally cut the cord. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.

Nonetheless, these quality beers will always remain in our hearts. Here are 3 beers that no longer exist in our liquor aisles.

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Let’s get started!

Avery Brewing The Kaiser

The Kaiser was a limited time only beer produced primarily to serve as a notable lager for the traditional Oktoberfest. This Oktoberfest Lager weaves together a harmonious concoction that derives flavours from Vienna and Munich malts. On top of that, an enhanced spice of Hellartau and Bravo hops, adding aromatic floral touches, brings these flavours together to create a bold and dry Oktoberfest special.

While it didn’t last too long in the spotlight, it has captured the hearts of many during the limited period of its existence. In fact, the Kaiser was even awarded multiple GABF awards (Gold in 2009; Silver in 2014), an exemplary feat considering its highly seasonal nature.

Its taste profile exudes a luscious deep copper sheen, a hearty malty backbone, and a brazen dry finish – each intensifying the deep and remarkable flavours that make up the phenomenal Oktoberfest’s Kaiser. The components that make up the profile of the Kaiser include deep dark malt bill, aromas of toast, nuts, and bread – a terrific concoction that sings as loud and bold as the festivity it’s meant to merrily partake in. A truly remarkable drink.

Its yeast variety includes House Bohemian Lager Strain. A suggested pairing for the Kaiser is the local dish German Bratwurst with a side of roasted vegetables. The hearty German dish comes with an acidic tang from the presence of kraut and mustard, and being served the roasted vegetables adds a complimentary side to the juicy and savoury meats. The Kaiser amplifies the taste by washing the acidity of the kraut and mustard and balancing the flavours spectacularly – making a complete dish that sings of the heart of the German.

21st Amendment Bitter American

When the news broke out of the retirement of the 21st Amendment Bitter American beer, many fans were devastated when they first heard about it. But really, who could blame them? The Amendment Bitter American produced by Amendment Brewery was truly a beer that’s one for the books. Here’s why.

What makes the Bitter American remarkable is its intense hop and malt flavour – all packaged in a lower alcohol content beer that can leave even the most unsuspecting novice consuming multiple cans a session. It’s not called a session ale for nothing!

It comes in a fine amber body and exudes stellar fruity profiles with hints of cherry, peaches, Meyer lemon zest, and hyssop. Take a whiff, and you’ll see that you’re able to pick apart the high-quality hops, which is then tucked in to make room for the delicate malt underpinning. But the profile doesn’t stop at its decidedly beer-like texture; it features a fresh aroma that’s reminiscent of strolling along a remote pine forest. These textures notably include resiny pine, orange marmalade, and lush grass.

Bitter upon first touch (as expected from its namesake) – the Bitter American asserts itself with such tones. But woven within that are still faint yet noticeable remnants of fruity flavours of peach and apricot, which is then quickly followed by the malty cracker base. The Bitter American is a truly remarkable showing of the Californian spirit. And don’t let its small-canned package fool you, this beer isn’t for you to underestimate.

Firestone Walker Walker’s Reserve Porter

The Walker’s Reserve Porter is a remarkable result of Firestone Walker’s finest brewing efforts. It’s an elegant dark ale that carries flavours with sweet, dark undertones. Upon closer inspection of the taste profile, it includes the robust flavours of toffee, bittersweet chocolate, and toasted caramel. On top of that, there’s five specialty malts, as well as barley flakes and oats, that add a unique depth of complexity and flavour to the ale.

The Reserve Porter has a medium body with moderate carbonation, making it a good in-between that can reliably serve you for any occasion. The aroma profile is dark brown, rich, with a good allocation of alcohol, and slightly fruity. Take a sip, and you’ll begin to realize the dark brown tones don’t stop at just sight and aroma. You can taste the earthy herbal notes, the dark brown mix of toffee and chocolate, as well as the faint wafts of fruity touches with plum and cherry.

While this dark ale doesn’t exist on shelves anymore, the Firestone Walker Brewing Co. brewery is still around to produce beers for the public. But even so, many would still say that the Reserve Porter was taken off the shelves far too soon.