Survey: Women Really Enjoy Sex Toys

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Well, well, well. We’ve finally made our way to the topic of sex toys for this most recent foray into “What Women Really Think…” Are you feeling confident enough to read the results of our crowdsourcing, gentlemen? Although finding a woman who is against sex toys is pretty rare, some men, however, are actually a little intimidated by the idea of bringing another little something something into the bedroom. Considering the orgasm-inducing power of some sex toys, it makes sense.

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Sex toys for both men and women have been on the rise for years, and more and more people are using them with their partners. Lelo Global Sex Survey found that 72 percent of those who own sex toys use them with their partners. Of the women out there who own two or more sex toys, only 28 percent of them are single, in comparison to the 62 percent who are in committed relationships. Also, and you definitely want to pay attention to this fact, gentlemen, 78 percent of women can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation. This means that if you’re not into bringing sex toys into the mix, then you better step up your game. Ready to get started? Check out!

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