3 Tips for Choosing the Best Sex Toys for Partners

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Bad news: over 50% of Americans say they’re not happy with their sex lives.

The good news? There’s always room for improvement!

For instance, if you don’t currently use sex toys, then it might be a good idea to get some. Not only can they spice things up, but they can also help one (or both) of you reach orgasm easier.

But the sex toy you use for solo play might not necessarily work great in a coupled setting. So how can you pick the right ones?

Here are 3 tips to choose the best sex toys for partners!

1. Go Window Shopping Together

A fantastic way to get an idea of what can or can’t work for you is to go window shopping together. “Oh, that looks good/interesting” is your cue to discuss things further while “that doesn’t look like my cup of tea” means you should move on.

You don’t necessarily have to window shop at a brick-and-mortar store either. If one or both of you are too shy to step foot in a sex store, then you can browse couples’ sex toys online. This is also more convenient because you can bookmark pages you like and return later for further investigation or to purchase the best sex toys!

2. Start Off With the Basics

When window shopping, you might notice a bunch of fascinating and complicated toys. You might be curious about them, but it’s best to start off with the basics first. After all, you need to learn to walk before you run!

You’ll want to start off with something like couples’ vibrators and dildos. If you’re into anal play, you can even add some plugs to your order. As always, start with the basic stuff like small plugs before moving on to huge anal plugs and extreme toys. You want to make the experience as pleasant and pleasurable as possible for you and your partner.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these basics, then you can graduate to more kinky and advanced things. Besides, if you progress like this, you’ll have more things to explore over a longer period of time! It’ll keep things from going stale too quickly.

3. Take Note of the Material

You might balk at the price of some sex toys out there. It might even motivate you to buy some cheap knock-off brands.

Knock-off brands are fine, so long as they’re made with good-quality materials. This is especially important if you’re buying sex toys that go into your body.

In general, you’ll want to avoid jelly-based materials. The most body-safe materials are silicone and stainless steel, so keep that in mind as you shop!

And if you get anything that’s porous, you’ll want to clean those extra-well after play since they retain bacteria more easily.

Choose the Best Sex Toys for Partners With Our Tips

Getting the best sex toys for partners can be a game-changing experience. A once-boring sex life can suddenly explode with fire and passion!

So keep our tips in mind and with your significant other, you’ll be able to find some amazing toys to add to your collection!

Now that you’ve learned about sex toys for couples, want to find out how to spice up your love life even more? Then keep reading our blog!