It’s Mother Nature’s Favorite Sex Toy!

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Last month, the Swedish sex-toy company Lelo announced that they were coming out with the GÄSM, the world’s first sustainable vibrator. It’d be made from recycled wood, recycled rubber, and would have a battery that was recharged via a hand crank. This, of course, was an April Fool’s joke. And, of course, the company received a flood of requests from hippies and whatnot who not only believed the joke, but genuinely wanted to order the vibrator. So, of course, the suits at Lelo — despite being commie Swedes — saw a business opportunity and decided to actually produce the vibrator. It may not be the exact vibrator they joked about in their prank — for instance, they probably won’t make it in part out of old car tires — but they say it’ll be pretty darn close. The GÄSM should be available sometime next year.