Study: 3D Movies Make Us Sick

3D Movies

Going to see a 3D movie is already a risky proposition. Not only are tickets more expensive than regular ol’ 2D movies, but many of the films look shitty because they’ve been hastily converted into 3D in postproduction, instead of being filmed with special cameras to be 3D in the first place. Also, the glasses are annoying.

And now there’s this additional bit of good news: Watching 3D movies makes a lot of us want to puke — and not just because they have terrible plots and unlikable characters. A recent study found that about 50 percent of people who watch 3D movies suffer some form of 3D-induced motion sickness. How many inner-ear-challenged weirdos experience nausea from 2D films? About 14 percent. The data came from nearly 500 healthy moviegoers who filled out a questionnaire after watching both 2D and 3D films. And no, the movie they watched was not Wrath of the Titans. The scientists weren’t sadists.