4 Must-Have Men’s Accessories To Complete The Luxury Look

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All it takes is the right set of accessories to make an inexpensive outfit look like luxurious high fashion. Not enough men are putting the extra effort in and bringing accessories to their ensemble for a luxury look that helps them dress to impress.

This list of four simple fashion accessories should help you bring your work and casual attire up a level, and complete the luxury look for you.

Lounge Luxuriously In A Smoking Jacket

The ultimate piece of loungewear has to be a quilted smoking jacket. Though smoking may have gone out of style, the smoking jacket oozes sophistication and can give any man a classic ‘Hugh Hefner’ look.

To complete the ensemble, you should consider some appropriate accessories. Pipes and cigars are a nice touch, whether you smoke or not. Tobacco Pipes have a wide range of stylish and sophisticated pipes to help you complete this look. They also stock fantastic-looking cigars and humidors that you can use as decorative conversation pieces.

Velvet is the ultimate material for a smoking jacket, often in regal and decadent colors like purple, deep red, or green; the color of money. Finding the right color scheme for your smoking jacket is important and can help you set the right tone. Stick to red or purple with gold or black accents for a sexier look, with greens and browns giving off a more relaxed vibe.

Dress Your Wrist With A Stylish Watch

Watches have been a way for men to make a style statement for a lot longer than the wristwatch has been around. Back in the day when a pocket watch was the fashion and personal timepieces were too big to fit on a wrist, men still used this accessory to say something about themselves.

To get the luxury look for every occasion you may need a few watches in your collection, so you are prepared for any social or professional event. A simple but stylish dress watch is a must-have luxury accessory. This should have a plain, high-quality black leather strap and be worn to important dinners when you are smartly dressed.

Sports watches are for the gym, and one that has plenty of features to help you train is a good idea. These should only be worn casually, however, they look out of place anywhere but in the outdoors and in the gym. Add a couple of smart-casual watches to your collection with metal or fabric straps that can be used to bring some style and luxury to more informal occasions.

Look And Feel Luxurious At Work With Dress Shirts And Cufflinks

This simple shirt upgrade can change how you look and people perceive you at work or at social events. Dress shirts that need cufflinks fell out of fashion decades ago, and are due to make a comeback. Cufflinks are a great accessory too, and give you a chance to make a style statement.

Dress shirts are made from the highest quality cotton and are extremely comfortable when compared to cheaper shirts that use man-made materials like polyester and nylon. They last a lot longer and look better after laundry day too.

From silver and gold to wood or brass, the shape and material of cufflinks provide an opportunity to add some tasteful jewelry to your look and say something about yourself with style. If you like playing cards or rolling dice in your spare time, maybe get cufflinks with a deck of cards decal or in the shape of a pair of dice.

Silk Ties With Stylish Tie-Pins

With a dress shirt and cufflinks ready to wear, you may want another accessory or two for extra style and luxury points. Dress to impress at work or at play with a stylish silk tie, complete with a tiepin or clip, to really turn on the style. Sometimes, to be the part, you need to look the part.

Silk is one of the world’s most luxurious and soft fabrics and is also surprisingly durable. If you look after a silk tie collection it will last you your lifetime. Owning a few other ties made from other fabrics will help you be prepared for anything, but a stylish silk tie that pairs well with your shirt and suit jacket should be your go-to choice for work and social occasions.

Tiepins and clips can help keep your ties in tip-top condition when you are wearing them and give you another opportunity to add stylish jewelry to your ensemble. This should match your cufflinks, at least in color or material. Pair silver with silver or gold with gold. Letting these metals clash on your clothing can look awful and ruin all your hard work. 

These simple accessories, which do not have to cost a lot, can make you look like you live a life of luxury when you are at work, rest, or play. Complete your luxury look with just one or two accessories on this list.