4 Unique Things To Do In Vegas For A Bachelor Party

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Everybody knows that Vegas is a party epicenter and that it is high on the list of anybody planning a bachelor party. If you are looking for a weekend of debauchery then this is an obvious choice. 

There is a side to Vegas beyond the strip joints and casinos, however. It’s a side that offers fun and memories to last a lifetime that make Vegas an ideal location to send your friend off to married life in style.

In this article, I will go over some of the more interesting things you can do in Vegas when you get off the strip.

1 – Get baked

Before you hit any of the events that you plan to do, you may want to have some help relaxing and put your mind in a state that will allow you to see things from a different perspective. Hit a Vegas weed dispensary and get some marijuana to indulge in to heighten your experience.

Imagine going to one of the shows when you’ve smoked up a bit beforehand. The lights of the strip also will look much more interesting when you’ve had a few tokes. 

You may want to stay away from the casions with an altered state of mind so you don’t end up losing any money at the tables!

2 – Pool party

Vegas has pool weather in just about any time of year. Which makes it an ideal place to go and enjoy some poolside parties. You don’t need an invitation, but you may want to book your spots ahead of time.

Enjoy sitting by the pool with DJ’s spinning some tunes while you sip on some drinks and enjoy the scenery.

There are a lot of different hotels that host these parties and they all have different vibes. Some are more for the college crowd and then there are some for people with more refined tastes.

3 – Drive a race car

If you have a need for speed then Vegas is the place for you. Heading outside the downtown and into the desert, there are tracks where you can take a spin in an authentic race car and hit speeds that would be illegal back home.

From Lamborghinis to Ferraris and everything in between, you can get behind the wheel and push your limits when it comes to speed.

The entire circuit is filmed so you can watch it over and over and show off to your friends.

4 – Hit the old strip

The new Strip is a bit like Disneyland in many ways and doesn’t have nearly as much charm as you might have expected. 

If you want to see Vegas as the Rat Pack used to, then hit the old Strip on Fremont Street. There you’ll find those retro casinos that still have their old, gawdy charm and are a little rough around the edges.

If you like people watching, then this is the area as it seems to attract the oddballs that don’t feel comfortable in the new Vegas.