5 Drinking Games That are Perfect For Just 3 People

There is nothing quite like gathering with your friends and playing a fun drinking game. But what happens when you only have three people? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of great drinking games that you can play with just three players. Here’s a list of five of our favorite drinking games for three people.

Never Have I Ever

This classic game is perfect for three players. Each player takes turns saying something they have never done before and everyone else who has done it must take a drink. This game is sure to start some interesting conversations while also getting everyone comfortable with one another.


All you need for this game is a quarter, a cup, and an alcoholic beverage of your choice. Take turns bouncing the quarter off the table into the cup. If you make it in, the other two players must drink and you can go again or pass it to the next player. The loser has to finish their drink!

Higher or Lower

This game requires one person to be the “Dealer” who draws cards from a deck one at a time and reads them aloud to the other two players, who then have to guess whether each card will be higher or lower than the previous card drawn by the Dealer. Players get one point if they guess correctly and lose two points if they guess incorrectly—and take a drink accordingly!

Most Likely

In this game, each player takes turns asking questions starting with “Who would most likely…” For example, “Who would most likely win Jeopardy?” The other two players then give their answers and whoever gets chosen has to drink their beverage!

Chuggie Chugga Choo Choo

This game is all about speed! Put four quarters on top of each other in an empty glass and the first person starts chugging until they can grab all four quarters using just one hand without spilling any liquid from the glass—the other two players have to finish their drinks as soon as someone grabs all four quarters!


These five drinking games are sure to provide hours of fun for any group of three people looking for entertainment and drinks! Whether you’re playing Never Have I Ever or taking part in Chuggie Chugga Choo Choo, these games are sure to keep everyone entertained while providing some friendly competition too! So grab your favorite beer or wine, gather your friends together, and get ready for some good times! Cheers!