The Rules of Ride the Bus Card Game

Are you looking for a great drinking game to play with friends? Then look no further than Ride the Bus. It’s an easy-to-learn card game with fun and silly rules that will have you and your friends laughing all night. Here’s how it works.

Special Rules

There are several special rules in Ride the Bus that add an extra layer of fun and challenge to the game. For example, if a player guesses correctly 3 times in a row, they get to assign someone else a drink instead of taking one themselves! Also, if someone gets all 4 suits correct in order (in any round), then everyone else at the table has to drink twice! These special rules help keep things interesting and can make for some hilarious moments around the table throughout the course of play.


Each round starts with each player guessing what they think their top card is (2-10, Jack Queen King Ace). If everyone guesses correctly, everyone takes one sip from their drink. If anyone guesses incorrectly, they take two sips from their drink instead. In addition, if no one guesses correctly, everyone takes three sips from their drink instead!

After all players have guessed their top cards, they flip them over so that everyone can see them. Then it’s time to guess your next card – this time you’re not allowed to guess higher than your previous card! If you guess correctly again you take one sip; if you guess wrong two sips; if no one guesses correctly three sips! You continue guessing until someone successfully guesses their fourth card at which point they win that round!

Once someone has won that round it’s time for a new round – rinse and repeat until all players are finished or too drunk to continue! Wildcards When it comes time for guessing your fourth card, you may choose to use a wildcard instead of guessing your actual fourth card. To do this the player must flip over their bus card (the one set aside by the dealer) and then use that as their fourth guess instead of their actual fourth card! The wildcard will only work if it matches your actual fourth card however – so choose wisely!


If you’re looking for an engaging, hilarious drinking game that all your friends can enjoy, look no further than Ride the Bus! This easy-to-learn card game is perfect for any occasion – birthdays, parties, pregames – and its simple but interesting rules will keep everyone entertained all night long. So grab some drinks and gather your friends around – it’s time to Ride The Bus!