5 Easy Shortcuts To Fake Being Fit

While it takes time to get jacked, you can capitalize on one short-term effect of a weight-bearing workout: a build-up of lactic acid and other byproducts that gives muscles a “pumped up” look for hours. Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, who slimmed down Carmelo Anthony, bulked up Hugh Jackman for Wolverine, and even chiseled Kim Kardashian’s ass — well, relatively speaking — offers this 15-minute full-body routine, which can be done anywhere:

Perform the following exercises in immediate succession, without rest in between. Ideally, you’d go through the circuit three to four times in a row.

—25 squats
—Push-ups to failure
—As many crunches as you can do, but a minimum of 25
—Jump rope 100 times

“This workout is high-intensity and gets that peripheral heart action going,” Peterson tells us. “That means it works your upper body, then your lower body, then your upper body and so on. That creates a lot of blood flow, from your shoulders to your quads to your core, activating all of those muscles.”