5 Easy Shortcuts To Fake Being Fit

fake being fit section headerYou know that you should exercise, but there are things holding you back: You don’t have time for regular exercise, or you don’t have money to join a gym, or The Biggest Loser is on and you never miss an episode. Those are, of course, all just lame excuses for why you don’t exercise, but we’re going to ignore that (for now). Instead, we’re going to show you how to fake it.

If you know you have next to no willpower, don’t sweat it; our methods are so easy even, well, you could handle them. And if you’re a guy who exercises fairly regularly, don’t bail. Our tricks — from lightning-fast ways to temporarily pump up your muscles to foods that de-bloat you — will also help you look your absolute best.

So we’re offering next to no exercise, a tiny time commitment, and a minimum of humiliation. We can’t make this any easier.