5 Lessons From A Loser: Al Bundy

LESSON 5: Don’t Settle for a Job You Hate
Al’s workday consisted of cramming shoes onto the bloated feet of overweight women for minimum wage. He’d often complain, but he never did anything about it … well, not for more than an episode or two, anyway. If you’re burned out at your current gig, get off your ass and find a new one. Even in this economy, opportunities are out there — but finding them may require more effort than surfing job boards. Reach out to your friends and ask them to drop your name to anyone they know of who might be hiring. Contact companies directly via e-mail or snail mail expressing your interest. Oh, and start a blog related to whatever it is you want to do. No, the world may not exactly need another blog, but it demonstrates you have web know-how and that you have expertise in your field of work.