5 Terrible Gifts For New Girlfriends

5 terrible gifts for new girlfriends


The first thing most women will look at is the size, and unless you have a list of her size specification for a range of retailers (because they vary!) there are two major problems — No. 1: The size is likely going to be incorrect,  and No. 2: This will cause her to wonder what your choice of size means about how you see her. Is a size small wishful thinking on your part? Does a size large mean you think she’s a zeppelin? There’s no way you can win on the size tag alone … and we won’t even get into all the style minefields you might step into. In other words, clothes are terrible gift ideas for newbies.


Accessories are all right — especially if they’re jokey or fun. For example, a guy I dated once gave me a trucker hat from a NASCAR race. I’m not into NASCAR, but I wear the hat all the time. To me, the gift was less an “I saw this and thought it would be perfect for you” gift than a memento that showed he was thinking of me, which I thought was sweet.

Option: Venice Beach trucker’s hat ($17 @ Amazon.com)