5 Terrible Gifts For New Girlfriends


Yes, we just said that you can give a massage gift certificate, but that’s an exception to an otherwise ironclad rule. Even if it’s to her favorite store, when it’s early in the dating game—say six months or less—it almost feels like you’re just being given money. Which feels weird. You may think it’s thoughtful, because it’s giving her the chance to pick out what she wants, but it makes us feel like you don’t care.


We hang out with you because we love doing stuff with you. And if we want solo time, you’ll know it. So if you’re stumped on a gift to get your new girlfriend, look for an experience you can both enjoy together. Wine tasting classes, cooking classes, a hot air balloon ride … those are all things we used to imagine doing with a guy when we were single. Now that we’re coupled up, show you’re willing to indulge us by making one of these events happen.

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