5 Ways Sex Toys Can Spice Up Your Relationship

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Romantic relationships are fun and exciting. You get to have a partner to travel with you, try out new restaurants, watch movies, and of course have somebody you can have fun and play in bed with. Sex will always be part of your relationship, but each person may experience it on different levels. 

While sex has always been perceived as fun and pleasurable, sometimes, it may feel too predictable or even feel like a chore. This is true, especially if you’ve been in a long-term relationship for so long, plus if you both have hectic schedules that constantly interfere with your sexual relationship. Those exciting and intensifying nights of sexual explorations from your early dating days may unlikely happen again. Thankfully, one way you can spice things up and hopefully boost your sexual relationship with your partner or spouse is through sex toys. 

Sex toys are beneficial in boosting your and your lover’s sexual pleasure and bedroom experience. To give you the details, here are five ways sex toys can spice up your romantic relationship. 

  1. They Ignite Excitement 

As mentioned, sex can sometimes feel like a chore or a routine, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. Shopping and browsing various pleasure products from sex toy catalogs or websites can ignite excitement in both of you. 

Seeing different sex toys will make you look forward to making love with your partner again and create erotic anticipation. So, whenever you’re shopping for sex toys, it’s best to do it with your partner. This way, you can decide on which toys you are willing to try in bed together and which ones are off-limits.  

  1. They Can Physically And Emotionally Bring You Closer To Your Partner 

Using sex toys can bring you physically and emotionally closer to your partner. That’s because the use of sex toys is often considered a private matter for some people. In fact, some people would even associate sex toys with ‘people who aren’t skillful in bed’ yet that’s not true. Instead, they were created to improve and elevate everyone’s sexual experiences regardless of skill.  

If you and your partner are open about your desire to use sex toys, it means you’re honest about your sexual fantasies to each other, which is a good thing. Sex toys help you break down boundaries with your partner and improve your relationship’s sexual communication. 

  1. Improved Foreplay Sessions 

One of the reasons some couples consider sex as a routine is because they’re doing the same position or routine over and over again. The lack of sexual imagination can also make your sexual relationship stale and dull in the long term. One way you and your partner are motivated to try out new sex positions and perform foreplay is through sex toys.  

For instance, you can use a vibrator for your partner while performing oral sex to ensure they end up gasping for air due to extreme pleasure. You can even use sex toys to make your sexual role-play fantasies a reality. Ultimately, when both of you are constantly satisfied every time you’re making love in bed (or anywhere around the house, for that matter), the less likely you and your partner will think of sex as a bore again.  

  1. They Encourage Better And More Pleasurable Orgasms 

Despite the love for sex, some couples may have a hard time reaching orgasm. For women, some of the reasons they’re having a hard time getting an orgasm are menopause and other gynecological symptoms. For men, they may experience erectile dysfunction due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices, medication effects, or certain health issues. These conditions can only make sex an uninviting activity since it’s harder for them to achieve orgasm. 

Thankfully, with sex toys, reaching multiple orgasms is now made possible, regardless of your age or condition. For women, using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation can help them achieve orgasm as it improves the elasticity of their vaginal walls and promotes vaginal lubrication. Meanwhile, men can use cock rings to make their erection last longer and help them achieve a high-quality orgasm.  

  1. They Help You Discover Each Other’s Erogenous Zones 

During the early stages of your relationship, it’s understandable if you’re a bit clueless about your partner’s erogenous zones. And so, you might tend to keep it safe by doing the usual sex positions and foreplay routine. However, doing the same things repetitively might make you or your partner lose sexual appetite. With the use of sex toys, these things will help you explore your significant other’s different erogenous zones.  

Other than the penis and vagina, there are still various body parts that can make sex more exciting. For instance, you can use a massager and let it crawl into your partner’s pelvis area, neck, and breast to increase their anticipation in bed. For men, you can let it massage their scrotum and ear lobes, which will surely help keep their erections hard. Overall, sex toys will help you discover each other’s erogenous zones and figure out together your sexual desires.  


Thanks to the existence of sex toys, now you and your partner have some sex tools you can use to spice up your bedroom moments and overall elevate the intimacy of your relationship. Most importantly, sex toys can also encourage you to have more open and honest communication, especially when raising your sexual fantasies and desires.