These Weight Loss Myths Are Why Your Spare Tire Won’t Go Away

5 Weight-Loss Myths You Probably Believe weight loss workouts


Not exactly. And sadly, repping out curls with a 2-pound dumbbell with five-minute breaks between “sets” isn’t going to cut it. You actually have to  put forth — gulp — effort.

“Look for metabolic workouts opposed to typical gym workouts and you’ll start seeing results fast,” Lynn suggests. “Not sure if your workout is metabolic? If it doesn’t say it is, it’s not.”

Also: Screw Jogging, have sex instead!

Of course, being a slug on the couch won’t help you drop weight, either. So any physical activity is better than none. Level up your weight loss by implementing high-intensity intervals into your cardio routine; that’s where you alternate bursts of high-intensity, (sprinting) with periods of low intensity (walking).

Also, if your stress levels are at Code Red, your body’s ability to shrink your beer gut can diminish. “Even though working out is positive stress, that positive stress can still cause stress levels to rise,” she explains. “This causes blood sugar spikes and cortisol levels to go up, which makes us ravenous. And when we eat more, it’s never good for weight loss.”

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