Knowing These 20 Weight-Loss Tips Will Make You Svelte In No Time


Have you already tried 7-minute abs, put yourself through one of those gimmicky cleanses, or cut back on eating food for days at a clip in hopes of losing weight fast? Then you already know that’s a terrible diet plan that doesn’t have staying power. An overhaul of a diet only works when you turn how you eat into a lifestyle. This sometimes involves changes outsides of the kitchen, such as in the gym or even taking an extra minute or two to log what you eat. Yeah, it sucks, but if you want to shed that layer of fat covering your abs — yes, you too have abs! — then implement all or a handful of these simple weight loss tips that’ll help you burn fat

Simple Tips To Help You Lose Weight — Fast!

Don’t Eat While Distracted

When you eat while distracted — watching TV, talking on the phone, staking out the house of the dude you think is messing around with your girlfriend — it can lead to consuming more calories, according to a report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. A review of 24 studies found that “mindful” eating also lead to less eating later on. Mindful meaning you’re focused on eating, not meditating while you chew.

sliders for fat loss

Exercise with Sliders

These cheap sliding discs — known as sliders or gliders — work on carpet or hard floors and make body-weight exercises more challenging by creating instability and forcing the body to work harder to stabilize itself. This extra effort and muscle recruitment equate to more calories burned while you build more strength. Even better, these devices are cheap ($16 @, low-impact, and can be done at home away from the goons lifting monstrous amounts of weight and taking shirtless selfies at the gym. If you don’t want to shell out the loot, use paper plates. Sure, you’ll look like a weirdo, but they’ll get the job done.