A Bodyweight Workout Plan For Men Who Hate The Gym

at home workout plan for men

Body-Weight Workout Tips

Instead of spending hours building monster pythons or tree-trunk-sized thighs, we’re willing to bet that you’re more interested in looking halfway decent when we’re in bed with a woman. For the latter you need to eat right (read: lay off of the Funyons and donuts) and exercise often.

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For the second you need a gym, right? Wrong. Body-weight, circuits, and suspension training are all viable ways to burn calories, enhance body strength, and maintain a slender (even chiseled) physique.

One of the most effective workout plans comes from TRX, makers of the amazing TRX Home Suspension Trainer ($200). It can also be one of the most effective ways for you to avoid developing the “Dad Bod” — a term we loathe more than “manscaping” — without the gym.

Do this workout for time, not reps.
Use your smartphone to keep time, but take as much rest as you need and work up to the 15-sec. mark.
Drink a lot … of water. Stay hydrated.
Perform each exercise for 45 seconds (don’t count reps)
Rest 15. sec between each exercise

1. Push-ups

Get into a push-up position — if you don’t know what this is, shame on you. Keep your back straight and head up as you bend your elbows and touch your chest to the floor and push up as explosively as possible.

2. Inverted Body-weight Rows

This is the best way to explain this one …

3. Alternating Lunges

Start with feet shoulder-width apart and take a step forward with your left foot large enough so your toes do not extend beyond your front toes. Just before your rear knee touches the floor, stop and then return to the start position. That’s one rep. Switch legs

4. Door Frame Rows

Grasp the side of a study wall or door frame with one hand. Sink down into a squat position and recline until you’re fully extended.  Keep your core tight and feet flat on the floor as you pull your chest to the door frame. Slowly return to the start position and repeat.